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By Joakim

On 21, Nov 2012 | No Comments | In | By Joakim


Newscron delivers fast access to your local newspapers. Thanks to it semantic engine, Newscron filters and organizes news articles for you.

Newscron provides more news than any other journal, aggregating news from to the top German, Italian and Swiss newspapers. Thanks to its unique algorithm Newscron supply the biggest selection of news highlights all condensed in to the most stunning newsreader app.

It all started as a research project at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, aimed at understanding on how the amount of information affects user’s behavior. As a part of the project, Zürich researchers developed their own mobile news aggregator app, which was so successful that the natural next step was to spin off the project and incorporate it as a start-up to guarantee its continuation.


  • 20k active users
  • 300k visits
  • More than 4 million articles aggregates

Awards and Grants:

  • Swiss italian best entrepreneurial idea of the year
  • CTI Invest – Top 5 Swiss Web Start-up
  • Venture leaders
  • ETH Zürich Spinn-off Label


Website: Newscron
Twitter: @Newscron
iPhone appAndroid app

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