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By Joakim

On 12, Nov 2012 | No Comments | In | By Joakim


Makes life in the city easier. Ask questions about places and neighborhoods and get answers from people on the ground.

Even though foursquare lets you leave tips about popular restaurants and attractions, you’re more than likely only going to see the tips once you’ve checked in.

LocalUncle for iOS sits on top of foursquare’s API and lets you ask the community questions about the locations around you before you get there. The app promises to get your question to those at the actual location, or those who have been there before.

The idea behind the app is that if you’re on your way to say, an Apple store, you could ask someone who’s already there or is familiar with the location, how long the lines can get. Something like this could save you a bit of time, and cancel out the need to call the actual location.


Website: LocalUncle
Twitter: @LocalUncle

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