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By Joakim

On 21, Nov 2012 | No Comments | In | By Joakim


Gbanga is an award-winning location-aware massive multiplayer mobile game (LMMOG).

Gbanga is a mixed reality, social gaming platform for mobile phones developed by Zurich-based startup, Millform AG. The platform runs on real-time locative media, developed in-house, which means that the gaming environment changes relative to the players real-world location. Players can interact with each other using built-in social and chat functions, which indicate their current real-world locations as well as online and offline status. Additional features enable social gaming in forms such as exploring, collecting and trading.

In 2011 at The Next Web conference, Gbanga also presented the Puppetmaster API that enables third-party developers to create and perform location-based quests and interactive stories on top of the Gbanga platform.


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