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By Joakim

A day at Lift13

On 06, Feb 2013 | No Comments | In Events | By Joakim

Lift 13 is now officially launched and it’s really exciting to be part of this huge event, one of the few only in the Swiss-french part of Switzerland.
The moment when you cross the doors of the CICG in Geneva, you know that you’re in the right place. It’s buzzing with entrepreneurs, innovation makers and very enthusiastic people.

As I walk to the first session “The first Democracy in Distress – Re-engineering Participation”, I pass by the start-up lounge by Swisscom, some promising projects there. I definitely need to spend some time here in the next days.

Tablets, laptops and mobiles are now all set. We’re all waiting for the first session that sounds very promising, and it was. Speakers from the City of Geneva, the Collective Agency, the Institute for Sustainability and Interdisciplinary Studies of the University of Iceland, Foraus, Gray Area Foundation and the EPFL were here to talk about mixing technology and politics. The administrative advisor of the city of Geneva, Sami Kanaan started the session. According to him, the technology can support the democratic process, but it does not replace the usual tools of democracy as a parliament. Democracy also needs time.

“the ideal of democracy stands for good decisions be made, and they be made by the public” @micahdaigle

I also had fun watching kids teaching Minecraft, a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine. I watched a few videos before about that game, but having kids explaining adults how it works is a great idea and it was super fun.

“The Mobile stories” session was interesting. One of the main message was “There’s an app for that.” There is always an application to meet a need. Great talk by @sahelsounds, Musicologist and creator of Sahelsounds, about a digital version for Africa and how africans use their mobile in an incredible way. It makes you wonder what will happen in Africa when internet becomes omnipresent.

“In westafrica nearly all artists owe their success to viral marketing” says @sahelsounds

You can also find a lot of open spaces and places to discuss with other like-minded people so it’s really easy to network and find potential partners and friends. Speaking of networking, the first day is ending with the Fondue, a very special Lift moment where hundreds of people eat the famous Swiss dish. One of the best moment to network, that’s for sure.

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